Carefully, rascal!

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While information technology more and more people are dipped into the virtual world. And our modern life with you is difficult to imagine without the Internet. I’m sure you, like me, one-third of their time on the network. Download music and movies, looking for any information, write blog posts, order a pizza. Internet provides us with millions of possibilities. But, unfortunately, there are negative factors that prevent us from co-exist peacefully on the Internet. One of them – the fraudsters.

Fraudsters operate in almost every sphere of our activities with you – of course, they could not bypass the attention and the Internet. They are taking advantage of the credulity of “mere mortals” (ie us) earn fortunes and some countries do not get the deserved punishment. And every day these “businessmen” are many times more. Let’s call them “gurus” of the Internet. It’s about these “gurus” we are with you today and we’ll talk. Who are they? What kind of “Internet guru” business exist? And how to protect yourself from them?


But, perhaps, the better I’ll start with a story that inspired me and write this post. Not long ago, my cousin called me with a question: “I have no money you accidentally asked for?”. He did, to put it mildly, shocked. How can so easily forget what to whom you have money? What I have received an explanation that her page in one of social networks and hacked on behalf of the money requested. And then in my mind there was another question: “Is there still are people who conducted it?” As it turned out, yes, there is on the planet Earth are “simpletons”. And not someone familiar, and her friend. I picked up and transferred the money to the account. Made, so to speak, someone “a gift of fate.” Here and I came into my dark head bright idea – to write about scams on the Internet.


Wikipedia me to my question, “Who are scammers?” The answer given here:


Fraud – theft of another’s property or buying another’s property by deception or abuse of trust. Thus, under the deception it is understood as a conscious distortion of the truth (active deception) and omission of the truth (passive deception). In both cases the victim is deceived itself conveys his property scams.


What types of online fraud exist? And how to protect yourself from them?


Magic wallets.


This is one of the most common ways of cheating in the network. The bottom line is that “Internet guru” places the information that was accidentally discovered a magic purse, which when translated into a certain amount of money you get back some returns, but increase the amount you will be deceived. Many found the information on how you can fool these “gurus” who are engaged in this method of fraud. Ostensibly need to send no more than a certain amount of money and only once a day. But that information spread themselves deceivers. So it is better not to try, and these ads simply do not pay attention.


Miracle methodology, teaching earnings in the Internet.


This type of fraud is an old but widely used and today.


Often Google when you request “money on the Internet” provides a list of websites that offer a variety of similar techniques or guidance for earnings in the Internet. Surely these ads and you will meet. So, they are as follows: provides guidance for earnings in the network (or other type of technique), which provides detailed instructions on how you can earn some money on the day. Only need to pay for your time compiler manual or supplies: drive, transfer and so on.


In fact, selling “dummy”.


Collector bonuses.


This type of fraud designed to freeloaders.


“Internet Guru” offers to buy the program, which will automatically collect bonuses from various sites. Indeed the network a lot of sites that distribute bonuses (cents or a few cents on webmoney). Purchased software often does not work, or much good it will be very small and the program did not pay off.




Investing and investment – a pretty good way to raise capital. Today there are many sites that offer to invest your money at a certain percentage. But many of these resources is the usual hype. Invest $ 5 – a few days Pin 6 dollars, invest $ 20 – lose money.


In general, I think this is clear.


Be careful! Invest wisely!


Offers of work or earnings.


Widespread type of fraud to date. For example: Typewriting. At first glance it seems quite “clean” work. It seems to be a kind of publishing can not cope with the work, so looking for people on the side for typing. But for some reason we need to send some money. Why, you might ask? Again, many scammers explain it differently. But mostly motivated by the fact that they themselves do not want to be cheated. That’s why you need them to transfer an amount of money as a guarantee that will actually work. One might think that all they are right, but this is the usual hype!




Ads offering to order a personal horoscope, just teeming with the World Wide Web. The authors promise to send it quickly and for free. Users are requested to complete a standard questionnaire (name, surname, date of birth) and, of course, leave your email address. Amateur Astrology specifies all the data, but instead of a horoscope in his crate falls letter from another condition: to get the order, it is necessary to send to the specified number SMS – message with a set of various figures. If the “client” of this being, from the account of his cell phone fly off a few dollars. At best, it really send horoscope. And once that is already causing doubts about its uniqueness. At worst – do not send. And if after the first stage of the procedure (sending data) “client” will stop him on the box for a long time to come will be enticing message. But even if it is unpleasant, but for free.


“Help your child!”.


This is the most blasphemous kind of Internet fraud, because it is a speculation on the sick children. The text of the sick child with his photo spreads through the living magazines sent to mailboxes or broadcasted on the internet forum. The writer tells tearful story about a boy (girl), whose parents can not pay for an expensive operation (drugs). Anyone who wants to help, it is proposed to transfer money to a bank account (details supplied) or make a payment through the system “Web-mani.”


The authors of such messages may hang pictures on the Internet as a real sick child, taken from the charity site, as well as any “left”. Thanks to what came before that citizens found in the Internet any request for help, no longer believe in this announcement, and sometimes turn their backs from people who really need urgent treatment.


Tip: seeing an advertisement for the collection of money for the child, set with its author or relatives of patients personal contact. Specify the name of the child, the diagnosis in a hospital is. And arrange to transfer money from hand to hand.


Today, that’s all. Hopefully my post helped you a little bit. Take care of yourself and your loved ones do not forget to warn. Remember, forewarned – is forearmed;)


With love, your HRT Ray.

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