Election of September 13.

Elections always associated me with the most boring day in the world. You get up early in the morning, going to carry out their civic duty in a polling station, put a tick next to the familiar, in the best case, the name and go home to lie down on the sofa and watch the replay an episode of your favorite show for a plate of chips or popcorn. But this year I decided to go on holiday in honor of the election, which has for several years held in Tatarstan. But perhaps I will start all over again.

I got up early in the morning to quickly perform a civic duty and do their business. Went to his polling station and put in a few blanks check, I was given two bracelets: “I voted” (pink) and “We can – we are together” (green).

With their help, supposedly a day could travel on public transport for free, but I did not believe this and decided to check whether as saying. To tell the truth. Indeed, these bracelets residents who have already voted, could free to travel around by public transport; those who were in his car offer discounts on gasoline; and this bracelet can be free to get on holiday near the Kazan Arena Stadium (about it I’ll tell you later), on the occasion of the election. That’s where I went.

First I went to the line, where there were vintage cars (even kill me, but I am madly in love watching vintage cars). This time it was the cars of “Volga”. I must say that at the time these machines were the subject of the dream of all Soviet motorists. They were something like, Ferarri, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini (who has what dream cars, you can insert your brand). But it could afford only politicians or very rich. Here are a few picture (and other vehicles as well).
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What I liked is the fact that everyone can find here what he is interested. Fans of the books of poetry are able to enjoy the works of new authors in the literature tent.
Sports enthusiasts can visit the tent with trophies received by athletes, to communicate with the coaches, take pictures with mascots of sports teams and events, and get an autograph from one of the players. Also, you can test yourself and pass regulations jump, push-ups and other sports. The guys could play basketball, and girls at this time could decorate your body with tattoos or time to put on his fine hand drawings of mehendi absolutely free (that’s the way I did).
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In the middle of the celebration for the residents joined and living statues, which can be photographed.
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At the very end of the village houses were full size. You could see them not only outside but inside.
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And next to the blacksmith taught to do the coin, as it did in ancient times and everyone could try his hand in this matter, ask questions.

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Children are also not left without work, they built a separate tent with educational games, contests and concerts.
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By the end of the evening for the residents it was arranged the concert “We can – we are together”, which were headlining singer Yolka, a group of “Murakami” and “Volga-Volga” and Lev Leshchenko, Kazan and many musicians.
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At the end of the holiday the whole sky was tinged with beautiful fireworks. People were so fascinated that I did not pay attention to the stage, all their attention was fully focused on the fireworks.
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That’s so tired, but happy I went home. And what you are, or have held an election?

With love, your HRT Ray.

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