Kazan. Part 1.

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The capital of Tatarstan Kazan – a city with a unique history. Here, as in no other place shows itself tolerant and sensitive nature of the Russian mentality. The word “cauldron”, which was the name of the city, in the Tatar means “pot”. And, indeed, in Kazan has for thousands of years, as in the pot, “boil” different national culture, religion, age and attractions Kazan direct proof.

Kazan – a city in the Russian Federation, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a major port on the left bank Volga River, where it meets the river Kazanka. Kazan is one of the largest economic, political, scientific, educational, cultural and sports centers in Russia. Kazan Kremlin is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city also has a registered brand, “the third capital of Russia”.

In 2005 it was celebrated the millennium of Kazan.

In 2011 in Kazan took the European championship in weightlifting. In 2013, the city hosted the XXVII World Summer Universiade in 2014 – World Fencing Championship in 2015, Kazan – the world championship in water sports, and in 2017 – 2018 will be one of the cities that will be held Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup.

At the end of 2014 Kazan got the ten most promising tourist destinations in the world, occupying the 8th place in the global rankings and the 3rd place in Europe.

Origin of name.

On the Origin of Kazan there are several versions and legends.
The boiler boils without fire.
Aksak Timur Khan decided to take Bulyar. Long I fought with him, but was unable to capture the city. Then he changed the poor, and stayed with an old woman in Bulyar. Women are known to be chatty people. The old woman did not know who is in front of her, she said:
– Here, Aksak Timur wants to take over our city, but he would take it only when the pigeons will start here with legs set on fire.
Aksak Timur only that it should be. He was very happy and told the old woman pick up all their belongings and leave Bulyar while said:
– To settle in the place where under the boiler itself will light the fire.
Nothing is left to the old woman how to pick up the boiler, to gather all their belongings and hit the road. Staying in a way, I put it on the ground the boiler and underneath itself appeared fire. The old woman stayed at this place. Beside her settled by other people, and there was a city called Kazan.
Boiler Tuybiki.
People in Shahri Bulgar lived lavishly, he was enlightened. Once the Mongol Khan named Khantimerov, Bulgars plundered, burned it. People fought very hard in the beginning. During the battle in the left knee Khantimerov hit an arrow, he limped. After that, he was nicknamed Aksak Timur – Iron Lame. It completely ruined Shahri Bulgar. When life became unbearable, The leader of one of the tribes of old Tuybika taking with him his fifteen people on a sailing boat went down the Volga. The old woman did not leave Tuybika and a boiler – a symbol of wealth and abundance. The boiler was six pounds of weight, his chain also weighed six pounds.
Rowed a boat to sail a certain distance, the travelers went ashore. The terrain they liked, and they stayed to live there. On the spot favored by dug pot, he brought them to the abundance and happiness.
There began to build the city of Kazan. They say that the pot with the chain still lies beneath the city, only to find it here, no one can.
Kazak Zhiguli.
In ancient times, the Volga lived a robber named Kazak Zhiguli. His men brought their plunder Bulgar to utter ruin. Tired of the robber raids, the people of Bulgar decided to seek a new location for the city and found a convenient area of ​​modern Kazan. However, there were a lot of snakes. Then, typing straw winter, spring set fire to it. Together with straw burned and snakes, cleared space for the city.
Where built Kazan?
It has long been on the Bulgarian state raided various hordes, there were big battles and battles. Most of them wins the Bulgars. But one day, a huge horde attacked the Bulgars, the city burned. Survivors people went up the Volga to the city in search of a new place. And we decided, “Let’s Kinema splinter into the water. Where is she spun – zavertitsya, live there.”
Splinter twirled in the place where now stands Kazan. They built the city, and left to live.
The place where the boiler is boiled.
Once planned to build the city of Khan. “Where shall we build it?” – He advised his men. One said:
– Pour into the pot of water, put it in the cart, we will light a fire under the boiler, and the pursuit of horses. Where the boiler boils, and built a city there.
So they did. The boiler is boiled in place of modern Kazan. They say there and built a city.
Where the arrow falls, there and build a city.
Near the village of Memi-Çallı, there is a mountain Kala. Hana built on this mountain town and loved to shoot the mountain of onions. One day, Khan, shot an arrow from a bow, said: “Where fall the boom there and build a city.”
His arm fell into place today Khan Mosque in Kazan. Arrow found there. After that, the site of the crash boom buried dog. Khan ordered to build a city there. After the completion of the city of Khan asked:
– What is laid on the basis of?
– Dogs – answered him.
– So, the city will get the dogs, – said Khan.
Once Khans between Russian came quarrels. Russian could not take the city. Then they said one Muslim:
– We have to fill up your gold, learn how to take over the city.
This man has coveted the money, he said:
– Our brother does not violate Muslim prayer, you come during morning prayers, take the city.
After that Russian came during morning prayers, took possession of the city; Muslims do not pray violated. Khan bird flew out the window toward kyybly and vanished, dropping the lake Kaban.
The base of old Kazan.
When Aksak Timur destroyed the city of Bulgar, hung and hacked people killed as Bulgarian Abdullah Khan.
After the murder of Abdullah Aksak Timur had left two sons – and the wife of the heir – hanbike. The elders of the city Bulgars, in order to avoid punishment, and it kind of Khan’s Khan’s sons tried to somehow save them from the hands of Timur Aksak.
So the elders of Bulgar, although he himself was to die by the sword Aksak Timur, with great effort and diligence immediately sent his wife and children from the Bulgar Khan and Bulyar.
Aksak Timur with his great army destroyed Bulgar fire and sword did not leave a stone unturned. Despite the fact that the residents of the city on his knees asked the Aksak Timur’s mercy and forgiveness, he never forgave. Hand Aksak Timur were burned city of Bulgar, sat around him, as well as other cities, and the people with all the women and children were completely cut. Timur ordered to collect the bodies of those killed in one pile and turning to him, he said, “I will destroy you, because you have not kept the precepts of religion, I think that the younger generation, which happened to you will also be pagan. So I told chop and their heads and ordered to throw them between bodies! ” At the same time he ordered to dump all the dead bodies in a heap, to collect a large amount of wood and straw and whole bunch on fire.
Aksak Timur long celebrated and drank blood of the people in the land of the Bulgarian. At the same time they burned and sacrificed populations Suvar, Kizlyar, Juke-Tau and other Bulgarian cities. Then he attacked the crowded famous Bulgarian city Bulyar.
Aksak Timur had one strange habit. When he asked who was sentenced to death that if he knew what he was executed and sentenced if answered that it executed for his sins, that penalty is sent as a sign from above that he Bitimer Hazrat revealed them for the edification and is a guide to the true path, He was not only pardoned and treasury, but even let large gifts.
This habit Aksak Timur people could not understand when he ruined the Bulgars and other cities. So they were Aksak Timur matter how bloody wine. But the population has understood this custom Bulyar Aksak Timur. Therefore aristocrats Bulyar to keep alive his wife and children killed Khan, decided to adopt the measure.
After they conferred on such a case, we decided to take advantage of this habit Aksak Timur. This, they said, and the wife of the khan.
Hansch was kind, brave, strong, resourceful and beautiful woman. By this it consulted in all cases, not only ordinary people, but even the “white bone” aristocrats of the time. Her advice, words, she expressed, indications of it – it all comes out as she spoke – ordered. About saving survivors themselves and their children Khansha and did not think, I knew in advance that we should take all the difficulties and hardships of all kinds took over and set to work: waiting until Aksak Timur, ruining the town and killing people, not close to the city Bulyar. The attack on Timur Bulyar to the public was the worst cholera or the plague.
Hansch, without worrying and without thinking, went up to meet Timur with his two sons named Altyn-NIR and NIR-Galim. She went to Timur, in soft terms expressed his request. She said: “The King of kings, the great sultan Hazrat Bitimer! I came with his sons at your mercy, relying on your mercy. I am the wife of sinful Abdullah Khan, these children – his sons. Yes will allow the Sultan to settle down and live in the Bulgarian land, a place where they could pray for the soul of his father. Long live our Sultan forever! Yes, he shall have the power and wealth of the world! You are sent by God to destroy the wicked in the Bulgarian land, we all sinners are your servants. Please – from us and pardon – you! ” Words like hanshi Timur. Last pardoned Hanshi and her sons, allowed them to live where they wish, and to found a city. At the request of Hanshi Timur pardoned some aristocrats “white bone” and allowed them to live in the city she founded.
They were all gathered together, they began to live near a small river, north of the city Bulyar, and there founded their city – Old Kazan.
The eldest son of Hanshi Altyn-BIC was the first khan of the city. He built the Kazan mosques, madrassas.
It was established large gardens. Khan has attracted many foreign scholars to educate people in schools, built mektebe for teaching children. He distributed to scientists from the Treasury salary. Reigned in Old Kazan more than half a century, the Altyn-BIC died.
Altyn-BIC was very upset when he learned that the dead city, founded by his father. He tried to Bulgarian state has become as great as he was at his father’s life. But since the Bulgarian people had died, he could not restore it to its former glory. Despite this, he rebuilt the remaining part of the whole Caliphal cathedral mosque and a large madrasa, called imams and teachers.
After Altyn bika reigned his brother-Galim BIC. He reigned for more than thirty years. He made a lot of good deeds. He lived for a long time – more than a hundred years and died on the way to pilgrimage.
They say that the children of the Bulgarian Khan Abdullah lived in Old Kazan continuation hundred and four years. Then they left the old Kazan and founded a new town on the mouth of the river Kazanka – New Kazan. They ruled the new capital of a hundred and fifty-eight.
Why is the city called Kazan?
One of Kazan Bolsheviks had the employee. An employee came to the river, taking with him a copper pot. The riverbank was steep, uncomfortable to scoop out water. When he tried to scoop such an uncomfortable shore water accidentally let go of the copper pot, who drowned in the river.
It was after this that the river was called Kazanka. The city, built around the river, became known as Kazan.
To be continued…
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