Vivetta spring/summer 2016

Hello, my darlings! His today’s post I want to shine a seasonal collection of the Italian brand Vivetta. I love that the designer Vivetta Ponti tries not to overdo it in the images and adds to the uncluttered clothes interesting prints (just look at these lovely cats) and a bright color scheme. Enjoy. 🙂


With love, your HRT Ray.


Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016

Hello friends! Today I will dedicate a post to one of his favorite French brands – Christian Dior. I’m sure that every young fashionista wants to try on the clothes of the fashion brand. Naturally, I am no exception to this long list. So let’s look at the spring-summer collection 2016, presented by designer Raf Simons.

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With love, your HRT Ray.

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How to choose the “correct” jeans? Part 2.

As I promised, today we will talk about planting jeans + I will give some tips for choosing jeans.

Jeans with a low-slung, popular in recent years, just enough to fit slender girl whose body is shorter than the legs.

низкая посадка

Jeans with an average landing – perfect for any figure, even complete. They do not have to worry about sticking out the sides.

средняя посадка

Jeans with high planting is recommended to wear those girls who, on the contrary, his legs is shorter than the body. Also, you must be inflated tummy.

высокая посадка

A few tips for choosing the jeans:

1. Try on long and patiently! Jeans are made ​​in such a way that even two identical pairs will sit on you in different ways. Going into the fitting room, take five models: three – its size, one – the size of the smaller one – one size larger.

2. When in doubt, I prefer dark jeans. Jeans dark shades flatter the figure and looks exquisite (and expensive) than light -blue. Dark jeans including color, may well be suitable for an evening out and work, while the white light or too sporty or careless to do so.

3. When buying keep in mind that the jeans with highlights (on the thighs, knees, buttocks) or focus on specific parts of the body (pockets, embroidery) focused look at these places, and visually enhance their size. Therefore, broad hips, for example, do not buy jeans appears on the top. The same applies to the pockets: the lower back pockets, the miniature will appear buttocks.

4. Owners of flat buttocks fit jeans:

  • original rear pockets, better – standing at a distance from each other;
  • scrapes on the buttocks;
  • light flared at the bottom;
  • stitching matching jeans – no distracting decor on the sides;
  • excessive or, conversely, very low waist;

Not suitable: dark blue and black models, as well as a very flared from the hip or knee.

5. Girls with short legs worth buying jeans:

  • precise longitudinal threads;
  • slanting pockets;
  • large trousers and long (they need to close the shoes) and, preferably, whitewashed in the middle;
  • high-waisted or wide insert at the waist.

Not suitable: too skinny pants and with a very wide flared.

I hope my tips will help you 🙂

With love, your HRT Ray.

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