Interesting facts about the Kul-Sharif Mosque.

e6071f48205b3d0649b8c471d16a1f711. Kul-Sharif is not a single building, but a whole complex, consisting of three parts: a mosque, a memorial stone and an administrative building. The total land area, which occupies the mosque is 19 thousand square meters. m. The whole complex of the Kul-Sharif occupies 18946.8 square meters. m.

2. The mosque was opened June 24, 2005 for the 1000 year anniversary of Kazan. It was the largest facility built for the anniversary of the city.

3. At the time of the opening of the mosque was declared the largest mosque in Europe, but in fact it was not that of any one indicator.

4. In the main hall of the mosque are books in which are inscribed the names of people who donated money to build a mosque. In the same room are giftware Qur’an in many languages in the world.

5. The mosque was built for about 9 years. Construction began in 1996 and ended in 2005.

6. The mosque can accommodate a 1,500 people, and in an area can accommodate up to 10,000 people.

7. Mosque architecture recreates the destroyed centuries ago cathedral mosque al-Kabir (13th century), which was in the city of Bulgar. Al-Kabir was a symbol of Islam Volga.

8. The mosque building has 5 floors. Lobby The main entrance is located on the premises of the Imam, the prayer hall and balcony gallery for women. The ground floor of the building forms the stylobate, it projected a female distribution lobby, rooms for bathing, dressing, and Islamic Museum.

9. Museum of Islam, which is in the Kul-Sharif Mosque was opened February 21, 2006. The museum exhibition occupies 2 halls, a total area of 566 square meters. meter.

10. The dome of the mosque resembles a hat-crown, “Kazan cap”. These hats were before Kazan khans. By the same principle were designed dome no less famous St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, which was built to commemorate the capture of Kazan.

11. The ceiling in the mosque made out artists of the Art Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. Drawings made on canvas, later raised to the ceiling.

4553359_original12. All lights, including the huge chandelier which hangs under the dome (chandeliers weight – 2.5 tons), made in the Czech Republic according to the sketches of the Tatar artists. At its manufacturing used colored glass and crystal, some petals are gold-plated.

13. All the doors of the mosque in Kazan made of red oak. And for the inner lining of marble was used, which was taken from the Chelyabinsk region.

14. The territory for the future mosque selected 86 experts and specialists in various fields of knowledge. Location is very well chosen, here, there was no geological problem zones. To accurately determine the direction of Mecca architects appealed to astronomers of the Kazan State University.

15. The mosque is named after the legendary Kul Sharif. It actually existed in the 16th century people, one of the heroes of the Tatar people.


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