Legendary Kul-Sharif Mosque.

5a379c1e92ae9dd8ebacb94aa196b64fKul Sharif is a symbol of Kazan and Tatarstan, is a center of attraction for all the Tartars of the world, one of the nation’s image. Still retained the memory of one of the main mosque in memory of the people who once defended and eventually burned down. Architects restored the structure of the complex, imagining all the beauty and grandeur of the temple, trying to bring him back to his native culture. The basic idea of the reconstruction was in architecture, and was of great historical significance. After all, this is the main mosque in Tatarstan and Tatar people in all, who revived its statehood. The second idea, which was laid in the reconstruction – is the memory of the defenders of the fatherland. Kul-Sharif Mosque – is symbolic and has its own unique architecture. No wonder this mosque is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


After a long defense, which lasted exactly 41 days, 2 October 1552 the Russian army burst in Kazan. Historians call this heroic defense, since the vast 150,000th Muscovite army led by Ivan the Terrible resisted no more than 30 thousand soldiers and cavalry. No one thought of surrender Kazan. However, the latest technical arms of Ivan the Terrible brutally forced their way into the burning city.

The fire covered the news city. Many mosque tower, the walls of which fiercely protect and defend Kazan led by Seid Kul-Sharif, almost completely burned. Last fight to destroy all the city’s defenders. Before Tsar Ivan the Terrible appeared defeated city. He was surprised to examining the most beautiful palaces, which were able to survive, and the strengthening of the city. King celebrated his victory and in honor of that ordered the construction of a memorial temple. In Moscow revived the beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral, with nine towers (only the ninth time Ivan the Terrible was able to win Kazan). A central Kazan mosque was completely destroyed. After taking the city, Kazan was a sad look. All the defenders were killed and the town was almost completely burned down. The capital of the Khanate was in ruins, fires continued.

During the defense of Kazan Seid Kul-Sharif was the chief executive. His disciples offered stubborn resistance, but after the assault they all died heroically. Kul-Sharif died too. The mosque was destroyed and burned.

Many years have passed. And at a time when democracy was rolled out in all its glory, the public began to raise the question of whether to restore the famous Kul-Sharif Mosque. Tatar people for centuries dreamed about it, and then, finally, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan went to meet them. In autumn 1995, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan issued a decree on the reconstruction of the Kul-Sharif in the Kazan Kremlin. In the winter in 1995 was a competition among architects, who were to present the best project of reconstruction of the mosque. A year later, in the winter 1996, it was solemnly laid a memorial sign. A spring 1997 laid the foundation of the mosque.


The most important symbol is the place that chose to build a new mosque. This area was chosen by a survey of experts. Mosque somehow inexplicably bypassed all the many geological failures, faults and landslides, which are abundant in the rest of the Kremlin. The complex is oriented towards Mecca with the highest precision. Schools, barracks and a military parade Cadets’ School symbolizes centuries of military force, which replaced the Tatars. And here it is now built a cult center, which represents the change of different eras.

The artistic image of the whole complex has incorporated a semantic elements that have brought it to the architecture of the mosque Tatar traditions. It is symbolically reflected the legend of the tragic fate of the Kul-Sharif Mosque. The architects have also introduced additional towers, thereby bringing the mosque to the legendary image. and the dome has a shape that is associated with the image of a crown of Kazan khans.

The construction took about 400 million rubles, the money donated 40 thousand citizens and many organizations. The opening day of the mosque became a real celebration of the Tatar people. Thousands of people flocked to the Kazan flows to the eyes to see this mosque. The mosque, named after the legendary Seid Kul Sharif.

That’s all for today…

With love, your HRT Ray.



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