Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016

Hello friends! Today I will dedicate a post to one of his favorite French brands – Christian Dior. I’m sure that every young fashionista wants to try on the clothes of the fashion brand. Naturally, I am no exception to this long list. So let’s look at the spring-summer collection 2016, presented by designer Raf Simons.

silhouette_01 silhouette_02 silhouette_03 silhouette_04 silhouette_05 silhouette_06 silhouette_07 silhouette_08silhouette_09 silhouette_10 silhouette_11 silhouette_12 silhouette_13 silhouette_14 silhouette_15 silhouette_16silhouette_17 silhouette_18 silhouette_19 silhouette_20 silhouette_21 silhouette_22 silhouette_23 silhouette_24silhouette_25 silhouette_26 silhouette_27 silhouette_28 silhouette_29 silhouette_30 silhouette_31 silhouette_32silhouette_33 silhouette_34 silhouette_35 silhouette_36 silhouette_37 silhouette_38 silhouette_39 silhouette_40silhouette_41 silhouette_42 silhouette_43 silhouette_44 silhouette_45 silhouette_46 silhouette_47 silhouette_48silhouette_49 silhouette_50

With love, your HRT Ray.

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