Essential oils. Part 1.

Let’s now talk to you about vegetable oils to care for themselves. Scope of the oil is very extensive, very useful oil for the face, body, hair, massage, as well as to flavor the premises. Personally, I very much like oil and use in his retirement almost every day. Natural oils-is a storehouse of vitamins A and E, as well as many others. Many oils perfectly removes make-up, cleanse the skin from pollution. Oils can even be used for washing. In general, the oil can replace virtually all the funds on the shelf in the bathroom.

Well, let’s order!

Before procedures with oils, you need to learn a few rules:

– Before applying some oil, be sure to check what kind of oil and what purpose is used, which has an effect.

– Under no circumstances do not use essential oils in their pure form. Remember that essential oils should always be mixed with the base!

– Be sure to test for allergies.

By the choice of the oil should be treated no less carefully than to the choice of drugs! Oils can pick up for all skin types. For oily skin is very effective use of oil, as they help regulate sebum without searing the skin and causing it necessary to restore the protective barrier.

For the care of a select unrefined oil first cold pressing. What does it mean? The oil obtained by pressing of the crude product without chemical and thermal treatment. It is the guarantor of the usefulness and vitamin-rich composition of the oil.

Let’s look at the most popular’s Skin oil.

Coconut oil. In recent years, oil has become incredibly popular. It is used for hair, body, face, and when cooking instead of sunflower oil. Oil and really gives the skin an amazing glow and hair, but it is important not to overdo it. Coconut oil is an excellent job with the protection of the skin from sunburn and chapping. Suitable for all skin types.

Olive oil. Almost every housewife in the kitchen there is olive oil, and because it is incredibly useful for our skin and hair. The oil does not clog pores, it helps skin retain moisture. Olive oil is incredibly rich in vitamins A, E, D, B and C. The oil is able to wash away even waterproof makeup. Olive oil can be applied instead of the eye cream or as a mask for the night.

Castor oil. On the ability of oil affect the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows know everything. But it turns out, this oil can be added to the daily care products and use for washing.

Recipe oil washing: Castor Oil + Jojoba oil + olive oil. Result: clear skin without removing the natural oil of the skin barrier. But keep in mind that the oil can cause allergic reactions.

Tea tree oil. This is the best way to dry up pimples. More oil is actively used for healing wounds, cuts, burns.

Avocado oil. This oil for its beneficial properties not inferior coconut. The oil is obtained from the pulp of the fruit, not from seeds, other oil. Avocado oil is very versatile, if it is right for you, use it for everything: washing, instead of a cream for the face, body, hair. Ideal for mature skin.

Cocoa butter. Ideal for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy, increases skin elasticity. I like to use cocoa butter lip perfectly nourishes and softens, protects against chapping. The oil is rich in vitamins F and E, can heal wounds, has anti-inflammatory effect.

Shea Butter. It has a protective, softening and moisturizing effect. Use shea butter home- a true spa ritual. The oil has a terrific odor, melting temperature of oil 42 degrees, so that the melt on the skin, it will gradually be perfectly distributed throughout the skin and is absorbed without a trace. The use of shea butter is effective in diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis. Heals cracked heels and lips eliminates diaper rash in babies, it soothes the skin after insect bites, irritated by shaving. Oil protects our skin from adverse external influences. Suitable also for hair care.

Apricot oil. Provides gentle skin care, soothes problem skin. Suitable for the care of nails and cuticles. You can use a little for the improvement and growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Black cumin oil. Anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-fungal effects, effectively eliminating the skin problems. Oil soothes sensitive skin. For hair black cumin oil it is also very useful, struggling with loss and accelerates the growth of hair. The oil can not be used in its pure form, it is best mixed with the base or broth of herbs.

The peach butter. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. The oil is able to eliminate peeling, dryness, smooth out shallow wrinkles. The oil improves the complexion.

Linseed oil. The oil is used in cosmetics to combat hair loss and accelerate their growth.

Sea buckthorn oil. The oil is rich in vitamins A, E, C, K, B, R. Retains elasticity, youth and elasticity of the skin, has regenerating properties.

Wheat germ oil. It improves the condition of the skin, slows down the aging process. The oil helps to cope with sores, scratches and spots. To care for the body and face better mixed with other oils. Pure oil is suitable for lip care. It helps with hair loss.

Grape seed oil. It has a rejuvenating effect, nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity. Suitable for skin care, nail care, hair. Effective in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

Oil mango. Mango butter is a solid butter. It reduces inflammation, soothes the skin and provides protection from the sun. Suitable for all skin types. Mango butter is very effective in the fight against pigment spots, softens rough, dry skin.

Macadamia oil. Oil is perfectly absorbed, it restores skin tone and elasticity. Oil is ideal for tired skin, as well as for colored and damaged hair. You can use make-up remover.

Hazelnut oil. It is an analogue of castor. It has astringent effect, ie, perfect for oily skin. Hazelnut oil can be used to treat rosacea.

Jojoba oil. Suitable for all skin types, ideal for the treatment of acne, restores skin elasticity.

Oil rose hips. This oil confer the ability dissolve scars, stretch marks, stains from acne.

Almond oil. Excellent absorbed, leaves the skin feeling greasy. Some sources claim that the oil can help with dark circles under his eyes. Oil slows the aging process, serves as a UV filter, normalizes the sebaceous glands, prevents the expansion of pores.

Argan oil. The most beneficial for your hair. Perfect for the care of the delicate skin of the face and around the eyes. The oil is very nutritious, so it is important not to overdo it. Argan oil can not be cheap, because it is one of the most rare, valuable and expensive in the world.

Some practical suggestions:

-Before using oil, heat it in a water bath, so the activity of oil will rise significantly.

– If you have decided to enrich the oil your favorite cosmetic product, add it to the application of strict and used in serving, not in all the funds immediately.

– to enhance the penetration of oil into the skin, do yourself a gentle massage.

– Apply oil on damp skin.

If his retirement You may not use oil, be sure to try. It is very exciting to try, combined. The oils have wonderful flavors, so use the process you will get a lot of pleasure.

With love, your HRT Ray.

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