How to choose the “correct” jeans? Part 1.

Yves Saint Laurent once said: “I’m sorry that I did not come up with jeans. They are practical, such relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sexuality, simplicity – all I’d like to see in your clothes.”
Jeans – the most democratic clothes. First it was the workers’ clothes, but eventually jeans gained a new space so that some stars are now even put them on the red carpet. The first women’s jeans were created in 1953 and since then it is difficult to find a woman in the wardrobe which there would be no jeans. They are stylish, comfortable and sexy. But to find the right pair of jeans, a pair of jeans can be difficult for women themselves.


Passing hundreds of stalls with jeans you are, as well, and I probably wondered: “How are they going to sit on my body? Will they make me look fat?” Because it is often not jeans emphasize the dignity of the figure (even if we really would have liked this), and the disadvantages.

How to choose jeans for the type of shape?
The types of shapes:

Rectangle or “banana”. This type of shape is characterized by the same broad shoulders and hips and waist is not very pronounced. Skinny leg – the main advantage of this figure, so the girls with a rectangular type shape perfect skinny jeans. To butt look fuller, better to choose jeans with colorful stitching on the back pockets.

Skinny – narrow. However, be careful with this model. Only suitable girls with a perfect figure, and the rest – could emphasize the deficiencies. If you still want to have in your arsenal of these jeans, and the figure has a small error, you should wear them with free or high-top boots.

Triangle or “pear”. The figure with wide hips, Large legs, small breasts and frail riding refers to the type of “triangle”. To emphasize the waist and remove the focus from the heavy bottom, prefer the narrow straight jeans with high planting.

Jeans that fit shape “pear” – a straight cut jeans. They will focus attention where it is not necessary. Also, with the expansion of jeans from the knees perfectly counterbalance the hip. Medium or high fit jeans should sit tight in the waist and hips. Folds also give extra volume.
узкие прямые джинсы с высокой посадкой

Models with no pockets on the buttocks underlined, but this does not overload the body. Also, classic cut jeans – fit a simple fitting silhouette with dim the standard line. Good will look belts that highlight the waist.

Preference should be given monophonic models, better dark colors.
Inverted Triangle or the “carrot”. Girls who have broad shoulders, thin waist and hips can be attributed to the type of shape “inverted triangle”. Girls with a body suit straight, a little loose with the low-slung jeans, which visually make the hips wider. Such a type of figure fit jeans Bootcut.
джинсы буткат

Jeans Bootcut – is straight, slightly flared from the knee to the bottom jeans. Suitable for most types of figures. But do not consider this model the girls with narrow shoulders and wide hips.

“Hourglass”. Happy owner of a perfect figure “hourglass”, the main features of which – lush breasts, bulky hips and narrow waist slim. Jeans flared from the knee, stress tempting thighs, legs slimmer make and waist thinner. Jeans flared – flared. A fit and slim, girls and Large medium and high growth. At low they take 3-4 centimeters.
“Apple”. Complete hip, wide waist and small breasts make women owners of figure type “apple”. Jeans, flared from the hip, combined with high heels visually lengthen the silhouette. Also, wide jeans camouflage visually lush hips.
wide leg

Jeans wide leg – wide. Suitable for almost everyone. But they should not be too loose, otherwise there will be a complete and suitable in this case only skinny girls. Also keep in mind that short wide jeans visually add extra inches on the hips.

Jeans for every type of figure.
There are jeans that fit any type of shape, for example, such as jeans style “boyfriend.” The fact is that these pants easy to hide figure flaws, disguising excessive fullness or, conversely, emaciation. In contrast to the wide, flared from the hip jeans “boyfriends” are not heavier lower body. Suitable bold stylish girls of middle and high growth. That’s just they do not like men, even in combination with beautiful shoes.
Also, the list includes jeans style straight leg – a fairly common model, which is suitable for many. Good looks and lean, and on complete, high on girls and low growth. It can be worn with any footwear, from ballet to heels.

Today, that’s all. Choose the right jeans. And tomorrow I will talk about the kinds of landings jeans. Do not miss 🙂

With love, your HRT Ray.

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