My perfect imperfections.


God gave me a long eyelashes, but I had not realized this. I hated her eyelashes. To me they seemed too long, and I’ve always wanted short. Once upon a time even wanted to cut them with scissors (it seems I was very stupid, or someone else, but obviously not a normal person :)). But over time, receiving compliments, which I have long eyelashes, which are curved and so on in me woke up a kind of peacock, and I left them. Becoming older, they become less dense. Again, I them dissatisfied.

Having tried a heap of options for make-up, I found my daily mejk. Now I use mascara and eyeliner. My absolute favorite – a mascara for the eyes Maybelline NY Volum ‘express Colossal and eyeliner Bourjois Khol & Contour Mineral.
Mascara for the eyes of Maybelline gives lashes a good amount that many species do not provide the carcass and it gives this brand a significant advantage.
I have sensitive eyes and it is very difficult to choose a good eye pencil. Here is my choice, and fell to the brand Bourjois. It is easy to apply, does not scratch. But one drawback it still is, it is not enough for a long time. This is probably the only thing I do not like it.

And what brand of mascara and eyeliner you use?

With love, your HRT Ray.

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