Gift for no reason.


Most recently, I was given a gift of great beauty – women skullcap handmade “Tatar souvenir.”

Tatar skullcap are of two types – casual and festive. Casual skullcap a simple cut and solid color. Stitched, preferably, of linen cloths.

Festive same skullcap made ​​of velvet, embroidered ornaments Gold and silver threads, beads and sequins. The traditional colors are black, blue, white. Very popular among the Tatars enjoyed skullcap, made ​​of green velvet. Holiday skullcap worn only at special occasions. Such cases are, for example, everyone’s favorite holiday of the Tatar – Sabantuy, as a special treat for the Tartars is a wedding – tors, on the occasion of the preferred white color.

Eventually skullcap came and women Tatar national costume. From the men’s skullcaps women differs only in size and number of ornaments.

I madly like skullcaps. The main reason for this is the fact that the skullcap can vary almost any outfit and give it originality and individualism. Be beautiful and original.

With love, your HRT Ray.

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